My approach to digital marketing strategy.

Curious to know what it will be like working with me? Here's a sneak peak under the hood at my data-driven approach to developing integrated digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. 

What to expect:

Creative direction

Beautiful ads are one part strategy; one part creative. Who better to bring your brand to life than an award-winning team of creatives (i.e. former agency pros). Yep - this is the fun part!

Intro call

Let's get to know each other. I want to hear your business goals, your most pressing headaches, and why you are looking for help with digital marketing now.

Strategy development

This is the internal big picture thinking that happens before any ads are created and after I do an audit of your current funnel to find all your low-hanging fruit and big opportunities.

Audience building

Here we go - full spy mode. This is the part where I get to know your customers VERY well. Based on in-depth audience research into their needs, I will build out different personas of your most likely customers and what makes them tick.


Get beautifully written, benefit-focused copy that aligns and/or improves your product positioning. Because we get to know your audience so well, our copy will speak to them on a whole new level.

Creative development

Beautifullly designed materials (ads, pictures, videos, etc.) that fit the advertising placements that are most likely to reach your ideal customers.

Ad account set-up & tracking

Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel – they sound scary until you start using these powerful tools to your advantage. With these tools set up, you'll always know how your ads are peforrming and what actions customers are taking on your website.

Campaign management & testing

TEST. TEST. TEST. I'll quickly and cost efficiently discover the top performing personas, targets, copy, and creative that are most likely to get you the best bang for your advertising buck. I'll be in your account daily looking at ways to improve performance and providing you with dedicated marketing support no matter your account size.


I LOVE data. I'll provide you with a customized report that will go over each and every detail of your campaign's performance and I'll talk you through every stat and acronym so you'll have a full picture of how your digital marketing efforts are paying off.

Want to learn more?

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